Why Visit the Dentist Every 6 months?

Visiting a  Vancouver dentists can strike fear and anxiety in many people, resulting in neglect to make a regular appointment with your dentist every six months. Many dental patients simply cannot find the time to make twice-a-year appointments or are frightened at the thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair so frequently. This ultimately begs the question: why should you visit your dentist every six months?

Find out why visiting the dentist every six months is crucial for both your oral health and wallet.

Dental cleanings

A typical annual check-up at the dentist will include dental cleanings, which are more important than just making sure your teeth white and gleaning. A cleaning, or “Scaling” that is supposed to happen every six months, will remove plaque and bacteria buildup, which can prevent gum disease and cavities. Additionally, these cleanings can remove any difficult stains on your teeth from food and drinks like coffee. Putting off these simple cleanings for too long will only cause an excess amount of bacteria, plaque, discolouration, and other unknown illnesses to build in your mouth.

Maintain your oral health

Regular dental exams can vastly improve your oral health and are highly recommended by Canada’s Dental Association–particularly if you have had a history of problems with your oral health. These appointments are essential in keeping your gums and teeth healthy. Brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing frequently is insufficient to avoid mouth diseases that can be unseen. A dentist will evaluate your gums and teeth and discover underlying issues that can vary in severity. A dentist has Xrays at his disposal, among other equipment, that will give you a proper diagnosis that isn’t possible to receive without scheduling a regular dentist appointment. 


The costs of simple dental appointments may it be in Oakridge, Surrey or Port Moody every six months are much lower than appointments that require surgeries and serious procedures. Dental health issues are easily detected early on at your regular appointments, saving you a lot of money in the long run. Unknown oral health issues can fester into costly procedures the longer you neglect to schedule dental appointments. To save your bank account from vastly decreasing due to newly discovered dental issues, book your dentist appointments as regularly as you can. 

Dental health

Making an appointment at your local dentist every six months doesn’t have to be the ordeal many perceive. Your dental care experts can be flexible with your busy schedule and help you feel comfortable when you visit. Visiting your dentist at the recommended six-month mark will do wonders for your oral health and physical appearance. It will undoubtedly save you from costly procedures down the road that is inevitable if you forgo making regular appointments. 

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