Cavity Prevention Guide

Dental clinic Vancouver and cavity prevention 


A cavity can become a precarious problem that can negatively impact oral health, particularly if neglected for too long. A cavity on its own will permanently damage a tooth’s surface and create minuscule holes in your pearly whites, where decay and bacteria accumulation can quickly occur. You are more likely to experience a cavity when you frequently drink sugary drinks, snack on foods containing large amounts of sugar, and do not tend to your oral health as often as you should. Anyone can get a cavity at any age, including seniors and infants, and it is the most common oral health issue amongst the general public. Although they may be a common health concern, cavities can be avoided when you take preventative measures, such as making regular appointments with your local dental clinic in Vancouver


Find out all the methods you can undertake to prevent cavities from forming in your mouth. 


Brush regularly 


Maintain your oral health by brushing your teeth at least twice daily after each meal you consume. You can effectively combat the bacteria and plaque build-up in your mouth for just a few minutes daily. Brushing after a meal and before bedtime will ensure that the plaque and bacteria accumulated during the day will prevent such bacteria from lingering on your teeth overnight, allowing acid to erode your enamel, and making your teeth much more suspectable to cavities. 


Two tooth brushes being rinsed under a running sink


Reduce sugar consumption


Acidic drinks and food, such as coffee and soda, will erode the enamel; eventually, cavities will formate on your teeth. While coffee is permitted to consume, it is advisable to keep it to a minimum, such as drinking only one cup instead of multiple, and try not to include an additional packet of sugar, syrups, and milk in your cup. After eating or drinking something that is sugary, you should rinse your mouth with some water so the sugar doesn’t linger on your teeth. More so, you should try to substitute any sugary drink with water when you’re able and reduce the number of sugary foods you consume each day. 


Retire your cigarettes 


Cigarettes and tobacco use, in general, will cause many conditions and diseases in almost every body organ. Because cigarettes directly correlate to many prevalent diseases affecting millions upon millions worldwide, their effects on oral health are often overlooked. Cigarettes will leave stains visibly on your teeth and make them much more susceptible to cavities and other signs of decay. Cutting cigarettes out of your life will be incredibly helpful for long-term health reasons and will help you prevent cavities and other oral ailments. 




Never underestimate the power of flossing, as flossing can remove hidden pieces of food in the teeth that your toothbrush may not be able to reach. Flossing after each meal can prevent the food from festering in your mouth, culminating in bacteria build-up and potential cavity formation. 


Use fluoride 


A pint of fluoridated water a day or using toothpaste containing fluoride can help create a protective barrier around your teeth and significantly reduce your risk of tooth decay and cavities. Fluoride works to rebuild enamel and strengthen the surface of your teeth, which effectively halts the formation of plaque, bacteria, and cavities. 


Visit your dentist 


When you experience any cavity symptoms, you should make an appointment with your dental clinic in Vancouver as soon as possible. More so, visiting your dentist for annual appointments will is one of the best early preventions against cavities you can take as your dentist will be able to remove the bacteria and plaque from your teeth before they calcify and become cavities.

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