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Oral Sedation

If going to the dentist makes you nervous, sedation is a good option to make you feel more relaxed during your treatment.

What is it?

Sedation involves the use of anaesthesia to put you into a calm, restful state. It is similar to sleep, but you are still conscious.

Oral sedation is a sedative that is administered in a tablet or liquid form. It’s usually taken an hour before your appointment.

  • Lasts 2 to 6 hours
  • Patients usually have little memory of the treatment once completed
  • For safety reasons, patients must have somebody collect them and take them home after their appointment

    You need to know

    You may be asked about

    • Your dental history and medical history
    • Medications you are currently taking

    Before your appointment

    • If you’re taking oral sedation you will usually need to take this an hour before your appointment

    After your appointment

    • You will likely feel a bit drowsy after your appointment, but you will usually have little memory of the treatment
    • You will need to have someone take you home after the appointment
    • Oral sedation will usually last around two to six hours

    Quick Tips

    Most dentists offer sedation for nervous or anxious patients. If you are feeling nervous about getting dental treatment done, speak to your dentist about the sedation options available to you.

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