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Endodontic Services

Endodontic treatment is used to treat the root of a tooth. The most common treatment they perform is root canal treatment.

What is it?

The dental pulp in your teeth can become diseased and inflamed, causing deep seated throbbing. This type of damage may be so sufficiently advanced that the pulp tissue cannot be treated or made to recover. This irreversible problem requires the removal of the dental pulp, otherwise known as a “root canal” procedure (Endodontics).

At Inspire Dental Group, we are trained in advanced endodontic techniques and latest materials. The majority of endodontic procedures are done in a single appointment. Local anesthesia (freezing) techniques and oral sedation can be used to minimize any anxiety you may feel during your appointment.

What happens?

When the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected or damaged, treatment is needed to save the tooth. The process is first to remove the inflamed or infected pulp. The inside of the tooth is then disinfected, shaped, filled and sealed. This is all done under a microscope, which offers very high illumination and magnification of the root canal system.

Once your tooth has healed, a crown is often recommended for back teeth to restore them to full strength.

You need to know


Usually 1 to 2 single appointments

How long does it take?

1 – 2 hours

You may be asked about

  • Your dental history and medical history
  • Your oral health care routine at home

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