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Braces can help you get the smile of your dreams!

Dental braces have been around for many years to correct teeth and jaws and help achieve a straight and attractive smile. 

Braces can straighten, align and position teeth. Most people get braces in their early teenage years, but it’s now becoming more common for adults to get braces too. Modern materials have made having braces much more comfortable and attractive than in the past. This has contributed to the increase in the popularity of getting braces.


The word orthodontics essentially means the straightening or alignment of teeth. Our team at Inspire Dental will help you plan and identify the types of orthodontic treatments for your teeth.


Inspire Dental Group provides an invisible alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign® is invisible, comfortable, and removable. It also allows faster straightening of teeth. They are suitable for adults and teenagers alike.

Traditional metal braces

This is the most common type of braces. Traditional braces are made with high-grade stainless steel and straighten your teeth using metal brackets and wires.

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