Your Guide to Managing Dental Anxiety

Guide to managing anxiety at Port Moody dentists 

Scheduling a dental appointment often induces anxiety in the average person, and many avoid visiting the dentist due to intense fear. The stress associated with going to the dentist is deemed a universal problem, but this fear must be overcome to maintain your oral health. Although, overcoming this issue is much easier said than done. While you may think your dental anxiety is just an irrational fear, it could also be a sign of dental phobia that causes extreme stress and panic at just the mere thought of visiting your oral physician. Healthline states dental phobia and anxiety can be caused by a negative dental visit in your past but can, fortunately, be overcome with specific techniques and coping mechanisms.

Find out how to manage your anxiety before you visit your Port Moody dentists for a regular checkup to help you maintain your oral health. 

What can cause dental anxiety and phobia?

There can be a variety of reasons why you may be experiencing dental anxiety and phobia. Fear of pain is one of the most common reasons why distinct concerns may arise upon making a dental appointment. This fear may have originated during an excruciating dental visit during your youth. Some may also detest the loss of control during a dental visit and the lack of personal space because a dentist typically has to do invasive procedures to determine the health of your teeth. Much of the anxiety might materialize due to a preexisting fear of needles and injections, which can ultimately happen when your dentist needs to inject for anesthetic reasons. Fortunately, there are ways to combat these fears and phobias, so they don’t rule your life and health. 

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Find the right dentist for you

Dental anxiety can be dulled when you find a dentist who understands your fears and will accommodate you as best they can. Accommodations can include watching television or a movie on a screen within the office to provide you with a bit of comfort or scheduling a consultation so your dentists can explain what exactly the procedure will entail. You can also find dentists who have worked with patients who have dental phobia and anxiety, so they know how to navigate and mitigate your fears properly. 

Bring someone to your appointment

You can decrease your anxiety when visiting the dentist by bringing a relative or close friend to your appointment. The anticipation of waiting in the lobby for your dental appointment to begin can bring about some of the worst anxiety, but having someone with you that can be a conducive distraction can certainly quell any fears you may have. As you’re getting your dental procedure, it can also be a bit of a relief to know that someone you love is waiting for you in the lobby. 

Ask questions

Upon arriving at your dental appointment, you can help calm your nerves by asking any questions you may have. If your dentists are receptive to these questions, you’ll be able to ascertain what is happening without internal questions unnerving you. 

Schedule ahead

When fear and anxiety become too overwhelming, it will prevent you from calling your dental office to make a future dentist appointment. You can remedy this problem by scheduling an appointment six months in the future before you leave your current appointment at your Port Moody dentists

Get treated 

Your phobia can overrun your life when it shouldn’t have to. By taking the proper steps for treatment, like seeing a therapist or getting medication if necessary, you can begin to actively allay the dental anxiety preventing you from maintaining your overall physical health. 

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